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{V} Musings 

A new book about the plant-based diet! 

The mysteries of plant nutrition are set free on page after page of this gripping graphic work that artfully explores the benefits of edible plants one topic at a time. From wheatgrass juice to popular trends in vegan dining, V Musings gives you a broad understanding of the plant-based diet. It references plant-based products, lists plant food nutrient profiles, and explores the cultural aspects of plant-based living. Moreover, it joyfully embarks on a scientific discovery tour to answer questions about phytonutrients, lay out satisfying alternatives to animal products, and unearth plant food sources that promote well-being and happiness! 

V Musings is a great source of information for vegans and plant-based dabblers alike and will serve as a historic reference that chronicles the rise of the plant-based diet. Reading a book that will give you a new outlook on plant food and an endless supply of nutrition facts to share with those you love has never been more fun!


V Musings: A Plant-Based Diet Sourcebook Part 1


The Search for Great Vegan Food Begins Here!

A guided tour of all things plant nutrition

Prepare to be {V}mused!
A fun book that explores the culture in a concise graphic format packed with facts

{V} Musings Part One takes a thoughtful look at the vast world of plant nutrition!

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The Author

This work is a subjective yet fact-based approach to document what I’ve experienced since I’ve been engaged in plant-based eating and what I’ve learned about plant nutrition professionally as a doctor practicing optometry. Of note, my plant-based diet was a natural progression because my father tells me the anecdotal story of me, around age seven, saying with seriousness that we shouldn’t eat animals. I do not recall being a huge fan of vegetables either during childhood but, that realization about animals was an innocent origin that became a very real preference. Since childhood, I’ve developed an affinity to plant food and love of plant nutrition science that appears to have been destined.

Best of health,

-Dr. Leslie Wilderson