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The mysteries of plant nutrition are set free on page after page of this gripping work that artfully explores the benefits of edible plants one topic at a time. From wheatgrass juice to popular trends in vegan dining, V Musings gives you a broad understanding of the plant-based diet. It references plant-based products, lists plant food nutrient profiles, and illustrates the cultural aspects of plant-based living. In V Musings, Dr. Wilderson takes you on a scientific discovery tour to answer questions about phytonutrients, layout satisfying alternatives to animal products, and unearth plant food sources that promote well-being and happiness. V Musings is a tremendous source of information for vegans and plant-based dabblers alike and will serve as a historical reference chronicling the rise of the plant-based diet. Reading a book that will give you a new outlook on plant food and an endless supply of nutrition facts to share with those you love has never been more fun! Published by Fulton Books, Meade PA 2022. Shop Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, and more.


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new release 5/2022

My Hair Goes Up: Hair Poetics

Poems, essays, and ideas regarding the passage of the CROWN Act

by Leslie Rand Wilderson 

New Book

My Hair Goes Up uses essays and poetics to examine the California CROWN Act (SB 188), a law written to create a respectful, open workplace and world for natural hair. 

This book is a poetic tribute to the lofty, helically shaped hair that deserves to exist freely, and it shares a heartening perspective on the norms surrounding the legacy of contrived racial divisions. 

My Hair Goes Up poetically deconstructs problematic human divisions and explores solutions that will create an equal existence for all people. I Am Here Publications, printed by Barnes & Noble Press 2021. Ingram Spark Distribution eBook ISBN 9780578944814. Shop Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, and more. 


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Dr. Wilderson is a member of the International Journal of Ophthalmology & Visual Science Editorial Board

Dr. Wilderson is an American Academy of Optometry Diplomate Candidate

Dr. Leslie Wilderson’s clinical work is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


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Unraced Poem featured in The Author’s Porch Magazine Issue 4 April 2022

The Science

Unraced is a consciousness campaign that deemphasizes  human skin color references, which often refer to more than skin color. An unraced person values the humanity of others and realizes that being human is the only biological and socially meaningful reference.

Race is a state of mind that creates human division and social madness. The unraced cringe at the racist behavior seen in movies, where characters engage in racialized injustices that seem absurd but portray art imitating life.

To become unraced is to recognize the history of past atrocities and decide not to participate. Checking the non-race box is a consciousness that takes power from the arbiters of a system built on fear and creates a present moment rooted in liberation.

The concept of being unraced shows respect for all shades of diversity, culture, and ancestry. Become unraced to transcend racial categories for the evolution of equality.

The racialized killings may not stop, the hatred against people of African ancestry may not stop, the disparities or egregious sentiments may not stop. Still, unraced people can stop using labels from a discriminatory origin story that we did not create or perpetuate.

 New Book
Unraced is a consciousness campaign that transcends racial categories and honors cultural diversity for equality.



Remove from the dictionary
one definition entry for the word race.

Remove the passage that defines race
as groupings of humans,
and the word race will still describe
the course of the sun or moon
through the celestial sky,
which shows majestic views of
the sea change in human interaction
and watches over the rise of nebulous clouds that carry away the sojourn of a delusion.

Race will still define
the dash to discover harmony.
And it will still be the channel
of quiescent engagement
in a tide of altruistic goals that humans can achieve
when the veiling dictionary entry of race,
the one defining human division,
is removed from our consciousness.

Rid the world of archaic ilk so our hearts can beat with the style and manner that allows unfathomable liberation to create identities based on affinity and feeling,
where there are no lanes or finish lines to guide the exhibition of self-expression,
where the limits go beyond the sky
and humanity is fashioned by benevolence,

humankind is shaped by its journey of goodwill,

and where our power to navigate beyond conviction is owed to the omission of race.

-Excerpted from the book, My Hair Goes Up: Hair Poetics


Dear Audrey Lorde,

“Is your hair still political?” 



V Musings Deux 

A Plant-Based Diet Sourcebook Part 2

New Release Summer 2022


Take a journey through the vast edible plant kingdom with a thoughtful collection of colorful collages and illuminating passages traversing the benefits of plant nutrition. Exploring essential elements of the plant-based diet, V Musings Deux guides your plant food choices and invigorates your loftiest health goals. From the investigated power of cauliflower, anecdotes about vegan sweets and wine to the rise of popular plant burger trends and data on smart plant textiles, part two in the V Musings series offers a whimsical look at the planet-friendly, plant-based lifestyle. In concert with its repertoire of veggie nutrient profiles, a review of the unique V Musings ten plant food groups provides an organic blueprint for building a nutrient-rich diet. 

The artful layout of plant-based fundamentals and scientific data joyfully unearths gems and creative trends, giving a new dimension to the wondrous world of plant nutrition.

Leslie Rand Wilderson, Author 

Published by Fulton Books

New release Late Summer 2022

A Plant Food Sourcebook

Part One

A Plant Food Sourcebook

Part One

A Plant Food Sourcebook

Part Two