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{V} Musings 

A new book about the plant-based diet! 

The mysteries of plant nutrition are set free on page after page of this gripping graphic work that artfully explores the benefits of edible plants one topic at a time. From wheatgrass juice to popular trends in vegan dining, V Musings gives you a broad understanding of the plant-based diet. It references plant-based products, lists plant food nutrient profiles, and explores the cultural aspects of plant-based living. Moreover, it joyfully embarks on a scientific discovery tour to answer questions about phytonutrients, lay out satisfying alternatives to animal products, and unearth plant food sources that promote well-being and happiness! 

V Musings is a great source of information for vegans and plant-based dabblers alike and will serve as a historic reference that chronicles the rise of the plant-based diet. Reading a book that will give you a new outlook on plant food and an endless supply of nutrition facts to share with those you love has never been more fun!


V Musings: A Plant-Based Diet Sourcebook Part 1


The Search for Great Vegan Food Begins Here!

A guided tour of all things plant nutrition

Prepare to be {V}mused!
A fun book that explores the vegan culture in a concise graphic format packed with facts

{V} Musings Part One takes a thoughtful look at the vast world of plant nutrition!

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The Author

Dr. Leslie Wilderson is a native of Queens, New York and currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. After completing her formal doctoral education at Nova Southeastern University in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, she practiced Optometry for 24 years. She has published work on numerous topics in the health and science arena and has also used her poetic voice to write about social issues.



 New Release!  

My Hair Goes Up Hair Poetics

Poems, Essays, and thoughts surrounding passage of the CROWN Act

My Hair Goes Up uses compositions and poetics to examine the California *CROWN Act (SB 188), a law written to create a respectful and open workplace, and world for natural hair. This book is a poetic tribute to the lofty, helical hair that deserves to exist freely, and it shares a heartening perspective on the matter of contrived social norms. It also deconstructs problematic human divisions and finds solutions that will create an equal existence for all people. *CROWN Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair

A poetic tribute to lofty, helical hair that deserves to be free