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{V} Musings 

A new book about the plant-based diet! 

{V}musings: a plant-based diet sourcebook is designed to set free the mysteries of plant nutrition as its pages take the reader on an artful exploration of a range of {V}musings topics. The plant-based diet is an ever-evolving subset of veganism and has been on the rise for decades. The popularity and ubiquity of the inventive plant-based options that pervade our food supply have led to greater and greater adoption of the plant-based diet as either a lifestyle choice or a flexitarian status for many. This book serves as a guide to make that choice a great choice. 

{V}musings is a journey through the vast world of the plant nutriments and edible vegetative trends that are the heart of the plant-based culture. Vegetables, while timeless are suddenly an undeniable force on the culinary scene. This gripping graphic work explores all aspects of plant-based nourishment and serves as a great source of information for vegans and plant-based dabblers alike. {V}musings shows the vastness of plant-based food while highlighting the health benefits and will be an Important historical reference from this remarkable period in plant-based culture.

V Musings: A Plant-Based Diet Sourcebook- Part 1


The Search for Great Vegan Food Begins Here!

A guided tour of all things plant nutrition

Prepare to be {V}mused!
A fun book that explores the culture in a concise graphic format packed with facts

{V} Musings Part One takes a thoughtful look at the vast world of plant nutrition!

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The Author

This work is a subjective yet fact-based approach to document what I’ve experienced since I’ve been engaged in plant-based eating over the past fifteen years, and what I’ve learned about plant nutrition professionally as a doctor practicing optometry. Of note, my plant-based diet was a natural progression because my father tells me the anecdotal story of me, around age seven, saying with seriousness that we shouldn’t eat animals. I do not recall being a huge fan of vegetables either during childhood but, that realization about animals was an innocent origin and developed into a very real preference. Since childhood, I’ve developed an affinity to plant food and love of plant nutrition science that appears to have been destined. This book is an expression of love for my wonderful plant-based lifestyle and began with the creation of colorful collages packed with nutrition information then transitioned into writing about the distinctive benefits and fascinating culture I’ve encountered along my plant-based journey.

Best of health,

-Dr. Leslie Wilderson