The 5 steps to put a video on YouTube for a Book Spectacle trailer submission:

Step #1

Download the YouTube app and the YouTube Studio app on a mobile device or computer (the YouTube Studio app allows you to create a thumbnail)

”Make a spectacle of your book with 60 seconds of fun and interesting or serious and informative video content. Your trailer doesn’t have to be long or perfect, it just has to be you!” 

Step #2

Open YouTube and tap the camera ? icon on the top right screen

”Gain a focused and exclusive audience for your book” 

Step #3

Select a video from your camera roll and tap next

”Niche is good”

Step #4

Create a title, and a description then upload/publish now or save as unlisted and go to the YouTube Studio app to add a custom thumbnail

”To share of yourself and of your time is to share love”

Step #5

Go to the YouTube Studio App tap video, then tap pencil ✏️ select your custom thumbnail from your camera roll photos. (Music can be added to your video here too). Upload your video. Capture and save the YouTube URL for the Book Spectacle submission form 

“Success is a fluid concept and may this video stream lead you to beautiful waterfalls”

Now you’re ready!

Let’s go!

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